The Trash Heap Has Spoken

Attempt the second

So my first feed decided to not really update. Which is weird.

So, because I have big news to share in the coming days, I wanted to make sure everyone had the latest feed. Which as of a few minutes ago IS, in fact, updating.


Yay. Insanejournal still pwns LJ. But for those of you who are stubborn, add that to your flist, please?
The Trash Heap Has Spoken

Done with LJ

I've moved all of my entries over to my IJ account. I was going to put off creating the feed and everything until I had had a chance to make the journal itself pretty and upload my icons, but trying to get my pirates paper written is a bitch.

So from now on you can find me at InsaneJournal or GreatestJournal where I'm cross posting everything. I've also created a feed of my IJ account: moriath_ij Friend it if you'd like to keep up with my life/writing without leaving LJ (though you really should consider that ;-)

I'm keeping my LJ account, since I know not very many people are moving. I'll still read my flist and comment on posts. But otherwise, see ya' on the flip side.
The Trash Heap Has Spoken

Good Decision, Bad Decision....

Good: Studying instead of hanging out with the group
Bad: Inviting Billy over after studying (ten to midnight)
Good: Being with Billy for about five and a half hours, talking about everything (he's eerily good at reading people. He knew things about me I'd forgotten. Like how in 1st grade the first piece of play ground equipment I went for was the merry-go-round).
Bad/Good: Sleeping through government and history. Bad to miss class (I've done that too much this week), but I needed the sleep.

Especially since it's Vampire night! ~happy dance~ Though I'm sad: our campaign could possibly end any night now, even tonight. So much sadness....

Gah. 12 minutes till Health. And I've got a quiz in there so I can't skip ~sigh~
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